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Red Box House

Type: Animation, Exterior, Interior
Architects: The Grid Architects

Location: Ahmedabad, India

Visualization by Create Render Company

Year created: 2021

Completion time: 4 weeks

We are happy to share with you our photo-realistic 3D renderings that come alive to reveal the breathtaking beauty of the night view. Visualization of the red box house will showcase all the details of the architecture in full. The exterior and terrace are also presented in daylight.

The house is under the ardent embrace of hot rays during the day. The terrace that is kissed by the sun's heat awaits you. The house surrounded by lush green plants and it basks under every ray. As the night approaches, the building bathed in soft moonlight creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Dark red deepens with darkness, creating a sense of mystery. The silence of the night emphasizes snug comfort and gives a sense of the simple pleasures of life, which come to life in a calm embrace.

Red Box House



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