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Type: Animation, Exterior

Location: Munich, Germany

Visualization: Create Render

Year created: 2022

Completion time: 3 weeks

Create Render knows that architectural visualization plays a pivotal role in the essence of a building before it even comes to life. We would like to share this exterior rendering, which allows us to capture the details of a structure's facade. With exterior close-ups, viewers can appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship of the design, from the texture of the materials to the play of light and shadow.

The spring breeze gently touches the perfect and neat lines of this minimalist and stylish project. The contemporary approach also extends to the landscape design, with a neat and lively garden that complements the house's clean design. Young spring plants and fresh bushes add to the overall sense of order and calm. The warmth of a spring evening allows you to feel calm and invites you to spend the evening in a pleasant atmosphere.

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