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Click Clack Hotel

Type: 3D Animation, Exterior
Architects: Plan:b arquitectos

Location: Medellín, Colombia

Visualization: Create Render

Year created: 2022

Completion time: 4 weeks

We present our photo-realistic exterior renderings the Click Clack hotel. We see this building from an eye level view, so it will allow you to enjoy this project with the feeling of being there in real time. Project architects Plan:b arquitectos.

The dark facade contrasts with the glistening humidity of a warm summer day. The building is lost in the embrace of hot rain fog. When the rain intensifies, the house becomes like a shelter of comfort and warmth. The contrast between the dark exterior and the lush tropical plants creates a sense of mystery. The dark glossy facade shows tantalizing glimpses and skilfully hides the mysteries of life inside the building. In the middle of a rainy tropical day, the black house becomes the embodiment of contrasts. Darkness and light, cold and heat, solitude and noise.

Click Clack



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